Road Dust Control

Calcium chloride is one of the most effective dust control and dust suppression agents in the industry. Read below or contact us to see how calcium chloride can meet your needs.


Improved dust control: Calcium chloride retains moisture for prolonged periods.This unique property helps to hold down dust and stabilize unpaved road surfaces,creating smoothriding roads that last.

Reduced routine maintenance costs: Since calcium chloride treated roads need less maintenance than roads treated with other materials, you can save on labor, equipment and fuel costs. By maximizing compaction, calcium chloride also provides a longer lasting road.

Reduced gravel replacement costs: Up to 80% of the cost of aggregate replacement can be saved when calcium chloride is properly applied.***

Reduced construction costs: Because calcium chloride speeds compaction, less rolling is required to achieve greater densitywhich translates into greater labor savings.

When used with full depth reclamation, calcium chloride can help reduce road reconstruction costs by as much as 50%.

Glacier Dust Control applying calcium chloride to rural road

*** As the fines are lost from the road, the larger aggregate becomes loose and leads to wash boarding and reduced skid resistance. Road maintenance will be harder, requiring fresh gravel with a higher percent of fines to stabilize the road. Studies have shown that as much as one ton of aggregate per mile is lost each year for each vehicle that passes over a road daily. This means that a road carrying 150 vehicles per day will lose 150 tons of aggregate per mile each year. Read the Colorado State Study findings or the full study from Colorado State University " Relative Effectiveness of Road Dust Suppressants ," Sanders, Addo, Ariniello, and Heiden.

When applied to roads, it immediately provides tangible benefits including:

Cleaner air, which leads to better health. Fugitive dust can cause health problems in the young, elderly and those with respiratory conditions. Greater safety through improved road conditions, including increased driver visibility and decreased risks caused by loose gravel, soft spots, road roughness and flying rocks.

Stable soil, preventing destructive wind erosion. It reduces foreign sediment in nearby surface waters (dust that settles in creeks and streams), helps prevent stunted crop growth caused by clogged pores in plants and keeps vehicles and property cleaner.


Where ever there is a need for dust control in and around Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead and the greater rural areas of the Red River Valley give Glacier Dust Control a call.

Rural Roads

From County and township roads to farm yards, we handle all it

Construction Zones

We do all sizes of commercial businesses that have gravel lots.

Agricultural Sites

Elevators, grain storage facilities and beet piling sites are other areas we apply dust control.