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We offer dust control in and around the Red River Valley. We are based out of West Fargo, ND.

Dust Control

Glacier Dust Control is available for dust control and commercial lot maintenance in and around the Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead and the Red River Valley area. For dust control, Glacier dust control uses Calcium Chloride 38%, we found this chloride product is best suited for our climate and aggregate composition. This agent holds dust down. This unique product takes moisture out of the air and retains it over long periods of time. Calcium chloride will keep the road damp even under hot, dry conditions. This agent holds dust creating a smoother road that minimizes road maintenance and costs.

Dust is becoming an environmental hazard that residents have to deal with. Controlling dust on roads will benefit all who use it. Road users will experience safer roads because of higher visibility and local residents won’t have to contend with dust in their living environment. Glacier Dust Control begins dust control services as soon as the snow is gone.

Glacier Dust Control spraying rural road